Antique Cowboy & Indian Collectables in Bayfield

The Caswell Trading Company shop is located in Gem Village, Bayfield Colorado. There you will find an impressive collection of Antique Cowboy and Indian Collectibles; a beautiful assortment of Tribal Beadwork; an impressive selection of Native American Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry; a variety of Antique Vintage New Furniture and Home Décor; a collection of knives ranging from Antique 1850’s to new Hunting Knives; and a remarkable selection of new, used and Antique Firearms which includes Colts and Winchesters from the 1873 to 1899 era.

Owner, Don Caswell has been collecting and selling since 1975; resulting in a collection of authentic, genuine and museum quality items for sale. Stopping in our shop will be more than your ordinary antique shopping experience. We’ll treat you like family. We enjoy visiting with all sorts of folks, sharing stories, and we just appreciate looking at things together, explaining each unique piece, and just plain having fun.

La Plata County is a beautiful area in Colorado to visit. There is so much to do, from snow skiing, fishing, hunting, and scenic drives to historic attractions. When you are in the area, be sure to stop by Caswell Trading Company in Bayfield. Contact us for further information!

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